BlueRose Kennels – Amy Talks with Kim Booth of Booth Photography


You have just won the elusive major to finish your dog and now you need to sequester the judge and photographer to capture the moment. You have all your ribbons, a brush or comb, a big smile and of course, your dog. Everyone is in their place and ”click” the win is immortalized. What seems like it should be a simple process may not always result in the photo you had hoped. But, as Kim Booth of Booth Photography explains during an interview with Amy Booth, there are many factors involved in getting that perfect photo. Listen to Kim give tips and suggestions from positioning your dog to photo purchasing etiquette and more.

The BlueRose Kennels, Phil and Amy Booth video series provides useful tips, tricks, tutorials and product reviews for the dog show community as well as all dog lovers who want to learn something new. We hope you enjoy this video!

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