Facebook Live: Telltail and Onalee Kennel Visit

Paula O’Donnell has nearly 30 years of experience breeding, training, and handling the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed under the prefix of Telltail. She has bred multiple #1 Cardigans, National Specialty Winners, Multiple Best in Show Winners, as well as countless performance title earners. On top of her mountains of success in the breed, she has also mentored many in the breed, and helped established successful breeding programs worldwide.

Christina Mazepink (Roberts) officially began her journey in the breed over 13 years ago after acquiring her first long-awaited Cardigan. She quickly began her mentorship with Paula O’Donnell and several other reputable breeders to then start her own breeding program under the prefix Onalee. She now handles professionally and has taken Cardigans to multiple group wins, multiple National Selects, and countless champions and performance titles.

Together, Telltail and Onalee continue to work together to better the breed with the same goals of health, temperament, type, intelligence and drive. Their relationship is built on their undying passion and love for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned breeder, exhibitor or judge, you will find this presentation has something for everyone.

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We promise it to be educational, insightful and worthwhile!


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